Hermetic Botanical Workshop


From August 16th until August 18th


Free Entry

Event at Balquisse Heritage everyday in 2024: Hermetic Botanical Workshop

HERMETIC BOTANICAL WORKSHOP 2024 — JAKARTA & BALI: Bloom Locally, Impress Globally, Unveiling Indonesia’s Florist Baleton Flowerchef, BloomingEliseFlower, and Sandat Floral are teaming up to host an intensive workshop event inspired by our deep appreciation for Indonesia's local heritage and culture. This initiative highlights the remarkable talents of Indonesia's florists, proving that their creativity and skills stand alongside the world's best. The workshops we're organizing are designed to showcase our florists on the global stage. HERMETIC BOTANICAL WORKSHOP 2024 promises to impress and provide an unparalleled experience, delving deep into our local heritage. The workshops will take place in two locations—Jakarta and Bali. Open to international students, the events will be conducted in both English and Indonesian. Don't miss this chance to discover and celebrate the exceptional floral artistry of Indonesia!

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