Repurposing: Paradise


From May 4th until June 30th


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Event at Nonfrasa Gallery everyday in 2024: Repurposing: Paradise

Nonfrasa, together with Amandari, presents ‘Repurposing Paradise’, a collective exhibition that dives deep into the interplay between Bali's imagery of tourism, the concept of 'paradise', and its intricate ties with global capitalism. Through the lens of Bali, the exhibition investigates how the narrative of paradise legitimizes, facilitates, and sometimes conceals the workings of global capital. By examining the contrast between local and Western interpretations of 'paradise', the exhibition challenges the prevailing notions in tourism studies, which often depict 'paradise' as a construct primarily shaped by the industry, thereby overlooking or dismissing local perspectives (MacCannell, 1976). This space for reflection allows us to explore the phenomena of staged authenticity and the commercialization of experiences prevalent in tourism, going beyond simplistic portrayals of 'beyond the postcard' or 'behind the smile' (Cohen, 1998; Bruner, 2005). We invite visitors to perceive paradise through a more nuanced perspective, considering both the global and local contexts and reevaluating the notion of 'paradise' as constructed by various forces. Featuring works by: -Citra Sasmita -Dewa Ngakan Ardana -Faelerie -Filippo Sciascia -Gede Sukarya -Jemana Murti -Mella Jaarsma -Nyoman Darmawan -Pande Wardina -Sarah Mosca -Todd McMillan -Wayan Upadana Curated by Krisna Sudharma Date: May 4th, 2024 Time: 4 PM Venue: Amandari The exhibition will be open until June 30th, 2024.

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