Isle Promise


From May 17th until June 14th


Free Entry

Event at Ruang Arta Derau everyday in 2024: Isle Promise

You're cordially invited to our upcoming exhibition unveiling the creative journey of our latest resident artist. Rizibë, also known as Mriz Sidah, brings a unique perspective shaped by his background in design. Rather than imposing strict control over his art, Rizibë embraces intuitive expression, blending external influences with inner reflections. Exploring the concept of "conceptual spaces" and weaving personal narratives, Rizibë delves into his cultural heritage while challenging stereotypes. His artworks delve into themes of ambiguity, duality, and humanity's connection to nature. Join us for the debut of Rizibë's latest collection, "Isle Promise: Only Count the Hours That Are Bright," on Friday, May 17, 2024, from 4 pm to 8 pm. We look forward to sharing this enriching experience with you.

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