Makepung Buffalo Race


From July 10th until October 25th


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Event at Bali, Island of Gods everyday in 2024: Makepung Buffalo Race

An iconic attraction in Bali's western region, Jembrana Regency, is the Makepung Buffalo Race. Rooted in Bali's agrarian heritage, this unique tradition involves locals engaging in a distinctive chariot race with water buffalos. The races commence around July, building up to the grand 'Jembrana Cup' held approximately in October, with specific dates varying each year. The race is a source of pride and honor, with farmers showcasing the strength of their buffalos, crucial partners in agricultural endeavors. Bedecked in elaborate attire for the event and harnessed to vibrantly adorned chariots, participants speed around a 2km dirt track in a dramatic display. This community event, a testament to local pride, persists irrespective of tourist attendance, embodying a tradition cherished and perpetuated by the agrarian communities of western Bali.

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