Bali Earth Keepers


From October 3rd until October 6th


IDR 6,650,000

Event at Nuanu Gate everyday in 2024: Bali Earth Keepers

The Bali Earth Keepers festival transcends mere festivity it extends an opportunity for personal exploration, healing, and forging deep connections within a supportive community. Here, attendees aren't mere participants but are revered as sacred Earth Keepers, tasked with honoring and safeguarding our planet. Our mission is deeply rooted in preserving Bali's natural splendor for future generations while celebrating in alignment with its vibrant cultural tapestry and the ethos of Mother Earth. Rather than extracting, our aim is to learn, evolve, and share wisdom as a united tribe of conscientious custodians, united by a common vision of harmony with divinity, each other, and the Earth. Bali's irresistible charm serves as evidence of this symbiotic interplay, guiding us toward a collective vision of nurturing, healing, and venerating the Earth. Featuring over 25 artists, spanning across 5 villages, and offering more than 25 workshops, the festival promises an enriching experience. Ticket pricing: - Super early bird round 1 until May 31, 2024: $415 - Super early bird round 2 until June 30, 2024: $465 - Early bird limited tickets until July 31: $515 - Last early bird tickets until August 31: $620 - Regular price: $670

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