Reiki Usui With Alina


Every Monday


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Event at School Of Unified Healing every Monday 2024: Reiki Usui With Alina

Free Practical Reiki Usui Event in Ubud Integrating Reiki into Your Daily Routine Uncover the transformative power of Reiki and discover practical ways to seamlessly weave its healing energy into your daily life. You will be guided through insightful discussions and hands-on demonstrations, sharing valuable tips on infusing your routines with positive energy and balance. Date : Every Monday of May Time : 5:00 - 6:00 pm Location : School of Unified Healing, Ubud Please note, no students will be allowed to enter after 10 mins late. Thank you - Engaging discussions on integrating Reiki into daily routines - Hands-on Reiki demonstrations for a tangible experience - A Q&A session providing personalized insights - Connection with like-minded individuals - Immerse yourself in a serene and supportive environment for holistic well-being

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