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Event at Attika every Saturday 2024: Nights on Wax

Join us every Saturday for a Vinyl Night at Attika, where music lovers come together to celebrate the magic of vinyl records. Immerse yourself in an authentic and nostalgic experience as our skilled DJs spin a curated selection of timeless tracks from various genres. From classic rock to soulful jazz, funky grooves to dancefloor anthems, each vinyl takes you on a musical journey like no other. Feel the warm crackle and richness of sound as the needle hits the vinyl, filling the air with a soul-stirring ambiance. Let the music transport you back in time or introduce you to new sonic landscapes. Whether you're a seasoned vinyl enthusiast or simply curious about the analog sound, Vinyl Night at Attika is the perfect opportunity to embrace the artistry and authenticity of vinyl records. Enjoy the intimate setting, surrounded by fellow music enthusiasts who appreciate the depth and character that vinyl brings to the listening experience. Sip on your favorite drink, mingle with like-minded individuals, and share stories and insights about the music that moves us. Don't miss out on this weekly gathering that celebrates the beauty and nostalgia of vinyl. Join us at Attika every Saturday for a night filled with soulful tunes, captivating rhythms, and a sense of community that only music can create. Let the vinyl spin and ignite your passion for music in its purest form.

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