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Event at Potato Head  every Thursday 2024: Nasi Bungkus

Join us in making a positive impact through the Sweet Potato Project. Originally initiated as a food relief operation during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sweet Potato Project has grown into a continuous effort to provide meals for at-risk members of the Balinese community. We utilize the produce grown at our regenerative farm in Tabanan to create nourishing nasi bungkus. Every Thursday and Sunday, we gather volunteers who share a common goal of spreading kindness and supporting those in need. From 8am to 9am, we come together to prepare hundreds* of servings of nasi bungkus. By volunteering with us, you not only contribute to the cause but also have the opportunity to learn the art of wrapping meals in banana leaves while gaining insights into Indonesian cuisine. If you're passionate about making a difference and want to actively participate in our Do Good movement, we invite you to volunteer at the Sweet Potato Project. Your presence and dedication will help us continue providing essential meals to those who need them the most. Together, let's create a community driven by compassion and empower others through the act of giving. Join us at 8am-9am on Thursdays or Sundays and be a part of this impactful project. *Note: The number of servings may vary.

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