Kirtan & Heart & Poetsongs With Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony


Every Tuesday


IDR 200,000

Event at Samadi Yoga every Tuesday 2024: Kirtan & Heart & Poetsongs With Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony

DISCOUNT 15% with code RIMBA Join us every Tuesday at Samadi Bali for a 75-minute session of Kirtan & Blue Lotus Ceremony, priced at IDR 200k (DISCOUNT 15% with code RIMBA). Experience the transformative power of Kirtan and the sacred Blue Lotus ceremony. Through devotional surrender to the Divine, Kirtan and heart songs create a healing vibration that resonates within, leading to a state of pure bliss known as rasa. Engage in group singing, a practice that has bonded communities for centuries, fostering collective harmony and union. Kirtan allows us to tap into the power of collective vibration, resonating through music and reverberating back as call-and-response. Mantra, a word or phrase, serves as a focal point for the mind, promoting presence and alertness. Through rhythmic chanting in Kirtan, mantras permeate the shared space, leading to purification and transformation through repetition. The Blue Lotus, revered for centuries, serves as a gateway to the divine, inducing meditative energy, enhancing third eye function, and promoting lucid dreaming. Experience its euphoric effects as it relaxes the body and mind, decompressing the nervous system.

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