Energetics for Self-Healing


December 28th


IDR 150,000

Event at Heart Space - Healing & Yoga on December 28 2024: Energetics for Self-Healing

The essence of sound serves as a form of vibrational medicine. The Universe, in its perpetual state of attentiveness, consistently listens and responds to you. Your body, a dynamic and beautiful energy system, wields a direct influence on the universal healing energy. Sound and vibration act as the conduits of these messages. Join Momo in an intimate group session where she will skillfully guide you through the gentle and energetic practice of expanding your awareness into and through your main energy systems. Leveraging the power of sound, touch, and positive vibrational language, Momo aims to facilitate an experience that allows you to tune into and feel your own energy, making subtle shifts. This practice is designed to be light, relaxing, and to exert a positive influence on your overall well-being. Are you prepared to embark on a journey to feel and explore your inner healing vibration?

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