Boombox - Rnb and Hip hop


Every Thursday


IDR 300,000

Event at ShiShi every Thursday 2024: Boombox - Rnb and Hip hop

Every Thursday Shishi invites you to experience the ultimate RnB and Hip Hop extravaganza with "Boombox" - a night dedicated to the soulful beats and infectious rhythms that will keep you moving all night long. As you step into Shishi, you'll be greeted by an atmosphere charged with excitement and anticipation. The venue's trendy and vibrant setting is adorned with boomboxes, adding a nostalgic touch that sets the tone for the evening's musical journey. "Boombox" promises to be a celebration of RnB and Hip Hop classics, along with the latest chart-toppers. Renowned DJs will take the stage, skillfully mixing a diverse playlist that will have you singing along and dancing with joy. From smooth RnB melodies to high-energy Hip Hop anthems, every track is carefully selected to ensure an unforgettable night of music. The RnB and Hip Hop room will be a haven for music lovers and dance enthusiasts alike. The dance floor will come alive with people grooving to the beats, creating an electric and energetic vibe that spreads throughout the venue. It's an experience that will have you counting down the days until the next "Boombox" event! Ladies Free Entry. Men fdc 300k.

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