Bali Blockchain Summit 2024


From August 19th until August 20th


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Event at Bali Block Chain Center everyday in 2024: Bali Blockchain Summit 2024

Join us for a week-long showcase of Bali's own Web3 projects, featuring prominent speakers, engaging panels, hands-on workshops, traditional dance performances, film screenings, and local culinary delights. Event Highlights: The summit will attract a diverse group of attendees, including government officials, royal family members, venture capital fund managers, Layer 1 protocol representatives, NFT art coin communities, developers, and impact-driven projects. Welcome to Bali Blockchain Center: Located in Bali, Indonesia, the Bali Blockchain Center (BBC) is a hub for blockchain technology. We provide a platform for education, collaboration, and innovation with the aim of fostering a vibrant blockchain ecosystem in Bali and beyond. Whether you're a blockchain enthusiast, entrepreneur, developer, or simply curious about the technology, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Our Purpose: The Bali Blockchain Center has a multi-faceted mission: - Develop a safe and secure ecosystem for Blockchain and Web3 with positive impacts on Indonesian society. - Serve as a reliable source of information and an education center to cultivate skilled talent. - Act as a community hub to spread awareness and encourage participation in blockchain technology. - Function as an incubation center to support startups and entrepreneurs working on Web3-based projects. By collaborating with the global and local blockchain communities, the BBC aims to significantly advance the development of blockchain technology in Indonesia.

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