ACIIA Regional Conference


From August 28th until August 29th


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Event at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre everyday in 2024: ACIIA Regional Conference

In an era marked by rapid change and increased complexity, the role of internal auditing is evolving like never before. As organizations navigate through unprecedented technological advancements and regulatory shifts, internal auditors hold a unique position to guide their companies towards a future defined by integrity and excellence. The upcoming internal auditing conference serves as a crucial platform for auditing professionals to convene, exchange insights, and equip themselves with the latest tools and standards aimed at enhancing their effectiveness. This pivotal event will illuminate the recently released audit standards, which play a vital role in ensuring that internal auditing remains a significant and adaptable force in the evolving business landscape. Through a series of comprehensive discussions, workshops, and keynote presentations, participants will be introduced to innovative strategies and practical solutions, empowering them to tackle the dynamic challenges of their profession. Hosted by the Asian Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditors (ACIIA), this regional conference provides an ideal opportunity for internal auditors to address prevalent and emerging risks and challenges, stay abreast of new technologies and leading practices, engage with global and regional IIA leaders, and learn from subject matter experts and peers across the Asia Pacific region. The theme "Purposeful Impact" encapsulates the forward-thinking vision that the auditing community must embrace to fulfill its expanding role. This theme embodies a dual commitment: recognizing the deeper purpose that auditors serve in upholding organizational integrity and maximizing the impact of their work in promoting business resilience and ethical success. ABOUT IIA INDONESIA The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is the premier organization representing internal auditors worldwide. With over 200,000 members across 170 countries, the IIA plays a leading role in setting standards and promoting excellence in the internal audit profession. In Indonesia, the IIA began its presence as a chapter in 1989 and attained national institute status in 2008. Currently, IIA Indonesia boasts a membership of over 2,000 professionals throughout the archipelago. Date : August 28th-29th, 2024 Location : Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre

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