The Art of Ecstatic Dance DJ Training w/ Temple Step Project


From July 16th until July 18th


IDR 12,500,000

Event at The Yoga Barn everyday in 2024: The Art of Ecstatic Dance DJ Training w/ Temple Step Project

Join us for an immersive Ecstatic Dance DJ Course at The Yoga Centre, located in Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali, from Tuesday to Thursday, July 16th to 18th, running from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm daily. Discover the art of Ecstatic Dance DJing through a comprehensive workshop designed to help you excel in creating, performing, and facilitating soulful dance experiences. What You Will Learn: Explore the following key areas: - Music Discovery: Source the latest and most resonant music for your sets. - Playlist Creation: Develop a structured approach to curating your music into cohesive ecstatic dance journeys. - Mixing Techniques: Master beat and harmonic mixing for seamless transitions. - Facilitation Skills: Learn embodiment and community bonding practices to enhance the spiritual and communal aspects of your sessions. - Recording Sets: Understand how to record your performances for promotional purposes. What to Expect: Benefit from signature techniques refined over 15 years of Ecstatic Dance DJing. Engage in hands-on sessions where you'll practice and refine your skills within a supportive community setting. By the workshop's end, you'll confidently craft and deliver transformational dance experiences that deeply resonate with participants. What You Will Take Away: Gain a profound understanding of Ecstatic Dance DJing and the ability to secure bookings for ecstatic dance events. Feel empowered to curate and lead profound, healing dance sessions with assurance. Participants should bring: - Native Instruments Traktor DJ controller - Laptop - Headphones Join us at The Yoga Barn and immerse yourself in Bali's tranquil environment to elevate your DJing skills. Unleash your creativity and passion for music on a spiritual journey. Pricing: - Early Bird: 12,500,000 IDR (available until June 30th) - Presale: 14,000,000 IDR (available until July 8th) - Regular: 15,500,000 IDR

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