Strong Camp with Andry Strong


From August 10th until August 17th


IDR 21,700,000

Event at Nirvana Fitness and Wellness Club everyday in 2024: Strong Camp with Andry Strong

Andry Strong's Strong Camp: Unleash Your Body's Potential Price Range: Rp21.700.000 – Rp32.550.000 Date: August 10th – 17th, 2024 Are you eager to elevate your calisthenics abilities to new heights? Join our exclusive 7-day intensive camp designed to help you amplify your strength, conquer advanced calisthenics techniques, and embark on a transformative self-discovery journey. Mastering Calisthenics Artistry Throughout the week, you'll receive personalized coaching and hands-on training from top-tier calisthenics athletes worldwide. Learn the intricacies of impressive maneuvers like the planche, front lever, handstand, muscle-up, and human flag. Enhance your body control, boost mobility, and dive deep into the profound impact of calisthenics. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned athlete, our camp caters to all levels, ensuring substantial progress in your calisthenics voyage. Beyond Physical Transformation Recognizing that achieving peak physical performance is just one part of the equation, our camp offers workshops and expert advice on leveraging your online presence. Discover how to kickstart your social media journey, craft compelling content, and implement effective strategies to expand your online community. Gain invaluable insights on standing out in the digital landscape, ensuring your accomplishments garner the recognition they deserve. Immerse in Bali's Natural Splendor Amidst rigorous workouts and engaging workshops, our camp unfolds amidst Bali's awe-inspiring natural vistas. Trek to the majestic Volcano Batur, soak in the serenity of Bali's enchanting waterfalls, and embrace nature's force firsthand. Surf the waves and experience the thrill of surfing, adding a well-rounded adventure to complement your calisthenics quest. Forge Lasting Bonds Beyond the physical challenges, our camp fosters connections with kindred spirits who share your zeal and determination. Cultivate new friendships and establish a robust support network as you embark on this transformative journey together. It's more than just exercise; it's an immersive encounter in paradise. Your Path to Success By the camp's end, you'll not only have honed your calisthenics prowess but also garnered the expertise to amplify your online presence. We'll ensure your remarkable journey and achievements receive the recognition they deserve. This camp is your chance to unlock your calisthenics potential and leave an enduring legacy in the digital realm.

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