Sound Healing Journey


Every Sunday


IDR 300,000

Event at Samadi Yoga every Sunday 2024: Sound Healing Journey

DISCOUNT 15% with code RIMBA Join us for an immersive sound healing experience every Sunday in June 2024, except June 2nd, at Samadi Bali. Time: 19:00–20:30 Price: 300k (DISCOUNT 15% with code RIMBA) Location: Samadi Bali Sound and vibration have been revered for their healing properties since ancient times. The human body, composed of up to 75% water, is a remarkable conductor for these vibrations. As they flow through us, they stimulate circulation, enhance energy flow, and promote rejuvenation. Each crystal singing bowl and sacred instrument produces vibrations that resonate with our chakras, organs, and bodily systems. As the tones resonate, they synchronize with the crystalline structure of our cells, facilitating a deeper connection with the frequencies of the crystals. This form of acoustic therapy offers a respite for the mind, interrupting the constant stream of thoughts and allowing for profound relaxation. Studies have shown that regular sound healing sessions can yield various benefits, including improved mood, reduced stress and anxiety, relief from physical discomfort, enhanced mental clarity, chakra balancing, and immune system stimulation. To fully embrace the healing potential of the session, it's essential to set your intention and immerse yourself in the sounds. Wear comfortable clothing for sitting or lying down, bring along a book or journal for reflection, and stay hydrated with a water bottle. Don't miss this opportunity to nourish your mind, body, and spirit with the transformative power of sound healing at Samadi Bali.

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