Soul Remembrance Sound Healing Journey


Every Sunday


IDR 300,000

Event at Samadi Yoga every Sunday 2024: Soul Remembrance Sound Healing Journey

DISCOUNT 15% with code RIMBA Starting from April 2024, every Sunday evening brings a transformative experience at Samadi Bali. Time: 19:00–20:30 Price: 300k (DISCOUNT 15% with code RIMBA) Location: Samadi Bali (Google Maps available) Discover the ancient healing power of sound and vibration. Our bodies, composed of up to 75% water, act as conduits for these vibrations, promoting circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. Each Crystal Singing Bowl and instrument produces a sound that resonates with our chakras and organ systems, facilitating a profound healing process. As the tones of the bowls synchronize with the body's frequencies, the mind relaxes, alleviating stress and promoting mental clarity. Studies show that regular sound healing sessions can enhance mood, alleviate stress and anxiety, relieve physical pain, improve mental clarity, balance chakras, and boost the immune system. To fully benefit from the experience, wear comfortable clothes, bring a book or journal for reflection, and stay hydrated with a water bottle. Allow the sounds to envelop you as you journey towards relaxation and inner peace.

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