Sip: Culcha Teahouse Social


Every Thursday


IDR 150,000

Event at Dragon Tea Temple every Thursday 2024: Sip: Culcha Teahouse Social

SIP, where tea takes the spotlight - a weekly tea social presented in collaboration with CulCha Collective. Join us for an evening of storytelling, tea treasures, and the cultivation of new friendships, all set against the backdrop of live music. Indulge in Speakteasy Snacks™️ - delightful bites to complement your sipping experience. Discover the art of tea with Tales of the Tea Leaf™️, featuring guest speakers sharing wisdom from their unique realms of tea knowledge. Explore the Wise-Wares Market™️, a community area where you can buy and sell tea-related treasures - from kimonos and books to tools and vintage finds. Engage in Subtle-Sip Tea-Tasting™️, comparing tea genres to refine your palate. Bring your own leaves and see how they measure up. Experience a Moment of Zen™️, sipping tea in silence to embrace the stillness found in this ancient beverage. Find solace in the Masterless Tea Lounge™️, a space for expressing your unique tea style. Bring your gear and set up your own tea sanctuary. Enjoy the soothing ambiance of live musical sounds with Sage Sounds™️, where artists contribute to the social tea atmosphere. Let Zen Tea Wear inspire your fashion choices. Come early to discover the best teas and relish the intimate atmosphere, and stay for the snacks and candlelit sunsets. Join us on this tea-filled journey!

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