Satsang Eyes 2 Eyes


Every Saturday


IDR 150,000

Event at Dragon Tea Temple every Saturday 2024: Satsang Eyes 2 Eyes

Every individual on Earth seeks genuine connections - deep soul bonds that transcend surface interactions. This quest is not just a desire but an experiential journey, a realization that leads to a sense of expansion within oneself. The richness of one's life on Earth is measured by the depth of authentic relationships, where masks are shed, and communication flows effortlessly without pretense or calculation. True expression, raw and unfiltered, brings forth both tears of sincerity and radiant smiles. When one immerses themselves fully in the present moment, the truth emanates from within, visible in their eyes and felt in the stillness of their mind as they engage with others. This essence embodies the principles of Yoga and Tantra, pathways to connection and the experience of unity. Our eyes become portals to infinity, reflecting the vastness of existence. For those who have tasted this experience, the invitation is to continue enriching oneself, delving deeper into the understanding of one's true essence beyond societal roles. With practice, this state of being becomes stable, no longer fleeting moments but a consistent presence. For newcomers, it's essential to approach with an open heart, free from expectations, trusting in the process of connection. Event Details: - Every second Saturday in 2024, from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM - Location: Dragon Tea Temple Event Flow: - 11:00 AM: Sacred space opens - 11:30 AM: Ceremony begins Tickets: - Presale: 150K - At the door: 200K Booking visit link :

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