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Event at Nonfrasa Gallery everyday in 2024: Ripple

Ripples: Dialogue in the Flux of Artistic Creation delves into the intricate connections that shape our existence. Every action, word, or even silence reverberates through our surroundings, intertwining with the lives of others and influencing the course of events. This exhibition showcases artists who embark on diverse artistic journeys, challenging norms and expanding the horizons of painting and sculpture. The concept of ripples serves as a metaphor for the myriad shifts and movements that originate from various sources. Each artwork encapsulates the artist's inner journey, pushing the boundaries of representation and delving into the depths of the soul. Through their distinct styles, these artists explore self-expression and defy conventional norms, embracing the chaos and evolving beyond traditional representations. Their works reflect the constant flux of life, embodying the essence of Balinese identity in a modern context. Featuring renowned artists such as Agung Ivan, Gusti Agung Galuh, and Wayan Jana, among others, this exhibition celebrates the ever-changing nature of artistic expression. Join us on June 22nd, 2024, at 4 PM for the opening, and immerse yourself in a journey of exploration and discovery. The exhibition will continue until July 22nd, 2024, inviting visitors to witness the endless ripples of creativity and transformation.

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