Relearn Love


May 11th


IDR 250,000

Event at Beluna - House of Creatives on May 11 2024: Relearn Love

Join Eri Kardos, an International Relationship Coach and best-selling author, for a valuable workshop. In this workshop, you'll: - Understand the root causes of love problems. - Overcome obstacles that hinder your love life. - Feel more appreciated and loved by your partner. - Learn the Relearn Love Method. - Acquire tools for better communication and connection in your relationship. Ever felt like love in real life is nothing like the fairytales? Whether you're navigating through relationship challenges or seeking love, you can learn to Relearn Love! The great news? There's nothing wrong with you. We've all picked up misconceptions about love. But here's the better news: You can unlearn and relearn love, making it simpler than you might think. Price: -Single : 250k -Couples : 450k In this workshop, Eri Kardos will guide you through the Relearn Love Method, helping you create a fulfilling partnership filled with understanding, effective communication, and deep connection. You'll gain clarity on what matters most in love and how to break free from old patterns that hold you back from the relationship you truly desire.

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